French proofreader / English & German to French translator

Fields of expertise

Proofreading: Academic dissertations/research papers written in French.
Translation: IT, marketing, sport, tourism and travel.
Proofreading, reviewing, editing, general translation, literary translation.


French academic proofreading: 0,02€ / $0,02 (for 5,000 words+)
German to French translation: €0,08 / $0,09
English to French translation: €0,07 / $0,08


“Bienvenue!” I am an independent translator working from English to French since 2014 and from German to French since 2016. I am also since 2018 a proofreader specialized in academic works written in French.

I started as a translator with the French translation of the book Higher Superstition by Paul R. Gross and Norman Levitt. I was involved back then in a project with the Linguee dictionary, for which I worked on a part-time basis during two years on the improvement of the English-French dictionary. I am now committed full-time, on the one hand, to my activity as a freelance proofreader and translator, and on the other, to the creation of a publishing structure specifically created for the aforementioned book.

I specialize in IT, marketing and tourism as a translator and in academic works written in French as a proofreader. I graduated from the university of Rennes I in 2007 with a master’s degree in computer science  (specialty: network engineering) and with a “maîtrise” (French graduate degree) in cognitive science from the university of Lyon II in 2008, some of the classes of the latter having been given at the École Normale Supérieure of Lyon.